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Welcome to SpouseClubs.com!   Here you will find links to spouse club websites for all branches of the U.S. Military, as well as the link to the installation websites. The original intent of this site was to assist with your transition to a new installation.  Since transition includes far more than locating the spouse club and/or installation websites, this site has evolved to include many other valuable resources to help you navigate through the challenges associated with being part of a military family.

We're all in this together; if you have information about a military community that will help others with their acclimation, please share it with the webmaster for inclusion on this site.

 Thank you for visiting SpouseClubs.com. Select the appropriate branch above, then find your installation and spouse club, or visit some of the resource links at the top right. To learn more about why this site exists, please click here.

25 JAN 2010 Update: A Blog dedicated to U..S. military spouses was launched  (in association with the SpouseClubs.Com website) on 15 JAN 2009. Please visit at http://blog.spouseclubs.com/



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