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Military Spouse Networking    

Forums, Discussion Boards, Blogs and Chat Rooms are a valuable part of military spouse (or significant other) networking. Explore the list to find a comfortable neighborhood.  This resource was added to this website about a year ago and is no where near conclusive. My 2011 recommendation for a comprehensive list of links to the blogging community would be to visit the "Household 6 Diva" link shown below.....or click on the "Support Military Spouses" image on the right.

Air Force Crossroads Spouse Network
Army Wives Forum
Base Ops Forums-A Forum for Military Aviation Spouses
Coastie Chics Forum ~ This site is intended for Coast Guard Spouses, but anyone associated with the Coast Guard may participate.
EMilitary.Org - The Military Family Network
Household 6 Diva - Military Spouse Blog AND a composite of military spouse blog links from all around the world and from every branch!!
Just Moved
Life Lessons of a Military Wife

Married To The Army
MilBlogging from Military.com ~ The worlds largest index of military blogs
Military Money Matters
Military One Source Forums
Military Spouse Corporate Career Network and Forums
Military Spouse Support Network
Military Widows Organization
Military Wives (and sister sites)
Spouse Calls ~ Blog brought to you by Stars and Stripes
SpouseClubs.com Blog ~ sister site for SpouseClubs.com

The Military Family Network

If you do not see your favorite networking site listed, please submit it's addition to the webmaster. A description of the site is only provided when it is not apparent from the URL (domain) name; if you are the owner of one of these sites and would like to include a description of your site, please notify the webmaster.




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