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PCS'ing to Germany? The above ad links you to a site that prepares you for obtaining your driver's license immediately upon your arrival. You are not permitted to drive in Germany without a USAREUR issued driver's license. On this site you can study and take practice exams. If you don't have the time to finish, the system will remember your progress when you return. It's a real asset for families preparing for their move to Germany!

European Connections



Want the poster that celebrates your tour in Germany?
28 elements of the German culture, and only 2 American elements..............the two that explain why you're here at all; The American Flag
and dog tags!

Contact Madonna@SpouseClubs.com

PCSing to Germany?  Study for your USAREUR driver's license before you ever arrive. Take the practice test!  Why didn't someone (like maybe the DOD) think of this sooner!!!!!

USAREUR Practice Tests



Please notify the webmaster of valuable links in your part of the world! Pages and resources will be added as they become available for non-European countries.

Looking for a Voksmarch , Bazaar or Christmas Market in Germany?


Generic Links for Europe ~ Scroll down to see country specific resources!

AFN Europe (Armed Forces Network Europe)
AFRC Europe (Armed Forces Recreation Center Europe)
APO Box™ gives you a unique US forwarding address to ship to your APO/FPO overseas address.VERY COOL!!!
Babel Fish Translation (Online translator, Translates Both Word, Phrase and Webpages)
Celcius-Fahrenheit Conversions & Oven Temperatures
LanguageLearningLibrary.com (An awesome guide to help acclimate you to the language and culture of Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, China, Japan and Russia)
Mappy (Finding your way around Europe)
MWR (Incom-Europe MWR) Army Community service ~Arts & Entertainment ~ Fitness ~ Leisure Travel ~ Child & Youth Services ~ Much More!!
Oconus.com (Overseas Military Portal featuring stores that offer APO/FPO Shipping)
Online "Find It Guide" (Military and Business telephone directory for
Americans living in Europe
OneTimeFax.comNeed to send a fax? Don's have a fax machine? You can scan your documents and upload them to this company. They will send your fax FOR YOU!!! Very affordable; very reliable!! No need to pay a monthly membership fee; you can pay only as you need them!
PCSportico (
a great resource for anyone PCSing!! "Resources for anyone locating from one military installation to another, as well as those living near an installation")
Rank Insignias-Enlisted
Rank Insignias-Officers

Stars and Stripes
USO Online (United Service Organization)

Traveling Europe
Die Bahn (For a complete list of all the trains and fares)
RyanAir (Very Affordable Airfare Within Europe)
Rail Europe (Travel by rail! Book your tickets online)





92655 Concierge - Name has changed. Please see "My Military Concierge" below!
Authentic German Christmas Markets  website (In English, listed by German town)
ADAC (German motor club, similar ~ but better ~ than AAA in the states)
AWAG (American Women?s Activities, Germany (AWAG) and list of Bazaars, Volksmarches, etc.
BuzzOffBase Asource for the most exciting events and hottest entertainment around your base
A source for information and discussions about the military communities of Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern and Mannheim
Deutsch Volksmarching German Website for Volksmarching
Everything KMC - a free (and fun) resource to help with your acclimation to the Kaiserslautern Military Community.
Find-It-Guide an online military and business telephone directory for the Kaiserslautern area. You'll find frequently used numbers, country codes, maps of the installations, and a whole lot more!!
Framshop: Affordable quality framing in the KMC area. Kaiserstr #1, 67661 Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof, Phone 0631-51100 (new website coming soon!!
Online Guide to the Kaiserslautern Military Community
German News Magazine (German News, Links, Places of Interest.)

German Tourism in English (German culture and events ~ includes a list of Christmas Markets!!)
Highlight Guide (
Dedicated to helping KMC members stay informed about local news, events and cultural happenings) There's an AWESOME business directory for the KMC area.
HowToGermany -
tells you everything you need to know about living and working in Germany as a foreigner
Kaiserslautern-America (Online version of this KMC newspaper, including classifieds posted on Wed prior to Friday deliver of hardcopy)
Kaiserslautern Kabel Online  (USO tours!!)
Theo Satellite - Don't pay an over-the-top cost to get your favorite channels! (See add at the right)
Mary Kay (skin & beauty products) - having trouble finding one in Germany? 
MY Military Concierge (assists American military families, soldiers and contractors living across Europe with recommendations, concierge services and direct referrals to quality home and lifestyle service providers, restaurants, events and other businesses
US Military Installations in Germany  Wikipedia (Previous link feom DOD no longer valid)
USAREUR Practice Tests Allows you to practice for your USAR European driver's license today and pass the test tomorrow!
ZAK- If you live in the KMC (Kaiserslautern Military Community) and you're thinking about PAYING to have trash hauled, please become acquainted with ZAK! You can drop it off yourself and save a lot of $!.

Traveling by car? You'll need your USAREUR driver's license!! If you don't already have it, find the study guide and the practice test here!! USAREUR Practice Tests



AmericansInFrance.net (traditions, culture, currency, history,driving, events, daily life and much more!!!)
French-Wine.com (A guide to French wines and Regions)
French Tourists Office (Self Explanatory)
DiscoverFrance (Culture, History, Language, Travel, Holidays and more)
RailEurope (Trips, Trains and Special deals!)
US Military Installations in France
- None: the info on France is here to accommodate families traveling from other parts of Europe.



Italian Government Tourist Board (Lots to see and do in Italy)
SeeItalia.com (Beaches, culture, dining, currency, history and much more!)
Eurail (Traveling Italy ~ and other countries ~ by train
Italian Holidays and Festivals

USO Italy (Extended tours and day trips)
LifeInItaly.com (From holidays, cities and heritage to baby names, Christmas Markets and fun facts)
US Military Installations in Italy (Military Homefront - select the country ~ see the installations)

Beaches, Spas and Relaxation (A list of the best in Spain & Portugal)
US Military Installations in Portugal (Military Homefront - select the country ~ see the installations)

Spanish Tourism Board (The official website for tourism in Spain)
Beaches, Spas and Relaxation (A list of the best in Spain & Portugal)
Christmas Markets in Spain
Spanish Wine (from Wikipedia.com)
How to adjust to daily schedules in Spain (Important info whether you're a visitor or a new resident!!)
US Military Installations in Spain (Military Homefront - select the country ~ see the installations)



US Military Installations in Turkey  (Military Homefront - select the country ~ see the installations)




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