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ABOUT "SpouseClubs.com"      

SpouseClubs.com was designed as a resource for the spouses of U.S. Military service members. Often, when new assignments occur, one of the most significant elements of acclimating to a new community is our ability to connect with our peers.  As a member of  a spouse organization,  you will meet others with similar interests and discover ways to contribute to the community while making friends and having a good time. Spouse Club members have an abundance of experience in every element of military life; they are eager to provide strength and support. These organizations are eager for you to be part of their military family.

Whether its an OWC (Officer's Wives' Club), an ESC (Enlisted Spouses' Club) or a club representing all military spouses at that installation, they are not always easy to find.

This site's author (a military spouse) surfed the web in 2004 to determine whether there was already an online collection of stateside and overseas spouse clubs that spanned all branches of the military.  That research revealed an abundance of resources dedicated to military families, but no single source that provided this information, which prompted the development of this site. Your knowledge of base closures and/or links to organization websites is important!  It is only with the help of the many  spouse organizations that this site will remain current. Your input is welcomed; please contact the webmaster, and please be sure to specify the primary branch of service associated with your base, even if it's home to all branches!.

The images on this site were chosen to represent the designated branch of the U.S. Military, and as a sentimental reminder of why "they make us proud". 

Click on your branch and locate your community! Installations are listed alphabetically by state.........or "overseas"

Please also visit the associated blog, dedicated to military families at http://blog.spouseclubs.com/



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To update your organization's information or to get it added to this site,
please contact the webmaster, and please be sure to specify the
primary branch of service associated with your base,
even if it's home to all branches!

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